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Centre Can Not Extend CBI’s Jurisdiction Without State’s Consent: The Supreme Court


The authority of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is often questioned.  There are frequent questions as to whether the CBI will allow any state to investigate.  Now the Supreme Court has delivered an important decision in the case.  The Supreme Court has said that the state’s permission is required for an investigation by the CBI. The centre also can not extend the CBI jurisdiction to a state without permission either.

 The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the state’s permission was needed for the investigation.  It comes within the federal system.  The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act requires the consent of the state government for the CBI for the rights sector.

CBI had conducted a surprise raid in the factory premises of Fertico and found that the coal was allegedly sold in the black market, which it had bought under the Fuel Supply Agreement with Coal India Limited. The CBI had immediately registered a case against it.

 Recently, the Maharashtra government issued an order.  He added that the CBI’s permission to investigate the state had been revoked.  But it will have no effect on the ongoing investigation after the permit was revoked.  If the CBI wants to investigate any new case in Maharashtra in the future, it is mandatory to seek the permission of the state government.  The CBI will only be allowed to do so after a court order in a case.

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