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‘Work from Home’- A Tightrope Balance

‘Work from Home’- A Tightrope Balance
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We have stepped into a new phase of professional life where Work from Home is the new normal. This is the opportunity that we always dreamt of and prayed to God for but never knew imagined it could ever come to us thus.

Now, when we have it full-fledged, the confusion to deal with it is disorienting and exhausting. In this high spirited ambience, we all are ambitious and trying to balance Work-life better than ever. This article will get you through some of the possibilities offered by home working, and navigate your path through the pitfalls.

The Lockdown 1 was such amazing news for all of us. The most awaited Home Vacation with family, good home food and some rest away from pollution. But now many people are working from home for the first time because of COVID-19.

They never knew about the endless noisy team calls of their partners, the child who needs guidance on homeschooling assignments and the barking sound of their pet during the conference calls. This can be frustrating. But at some point slowly it was easy to manage and we are able to get through it till the end of the fourth lockdown induced by the Covid pandemic.

How to work safely at Home and Work Productively At home, we are responsible for creating our own working environment, because the space is quite unlike an office. At its best, working from home benefits everyone: you, your family, and your organization.

One can stay connected and positive, and work productively while maintaining a fulfilling home life – all without the stress of a daily commute. One need to keep healthy routines as Working from home can present new challenges to your physical and mental well-being, establishing good routines is important to curb unhealthy behaviour.

During remote working we save our time commuting so it may be tempting to start earlier and finish later. This later can lead to burn outs. So keeping a track on the hours spent on individual work is crucial. Always ensure to get enough sleep, and eat at regular times.

Snacking can leave you feeling hungry at the wrong times, and irritable as a result. It’s also not a healthy way to eat. Regular short breaks can keep you energized and focused, and will also rest your eyes from continuous screen time. You can set a countdown timer while working, say, for an hour of work.

When the alarm goes off, reward yourself with a five- or 10-minute break to make a coffee, or get some fresh air. Remember, the idea is to take a screen break, so no swapping one screen for another by immediately picking up your phone!

While you need to be comfortable to concentrate and to avoid backache, it’s also vital to get out of your chair during the day. It is suggested to at least complete 10 K steps every day to sweat and burn some calories. Self-motivation is key.

Tips for Productivity People working from home sometimes struggle with productivity. Dress up with formals, grab the comfortable workspace which is clean and well ventilated. Avoid choosing places like a bed, sofa or near the window corner which may distract you from your work and make you fall asleep.

Keep a check on the usage off your Mobile phone for social media and net surfing as it may keep you glued to the screen and you may miss the important deadlines. One needs to maintain relationships with their co-workers through proper communication.

Be in touch with your people because remote working mostly depends upon virtual communication and transparency. This helps to combat any sense of isolation and promotes strong team bonds. Finally, Celebrate team and personal successes virtually by sending congratulations wishes through group video calls.

That works amazingly. Don’t forget to keep a record of the tasks you complete, so that you can see how productive you’re throughout the day. This Phase has made us and our upcoming generation more adaptable and realized about the inner capabilities to deal with any kind of difficult times.

Written By Pratima Mahapatra

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  1. Absolutely fantastic…brilliant job… U have emphasized the whole matter which is a prime subject for on going covid-19 situation… Personally i appreciate ur thought n advice to which u have described fantastically… Keep it up… 👍👌✌🤘


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