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Xi Jinping’s all-out strategy fails, shocking Beijing’s dominance after Biden wins


The country, which is as prosperous as the defense, trade and diplomatic departments, is now weighing heavily on others.  The United States and China have been at loggerheads for some time.  Both countries are looking for opportunities to check each other.  China’s President Xi Jinping’s expansionist policy is responsible for this.  But he refuses to accept it.

 China’s expansionist policies have been a bit shaken during the last four years under US President Donald Trump.  But now Trump is a short-lived guest at the White House.  Even after Joe Biden becomes president, relations with China are unlikely to improve.  “Corona has benefited China from the global epidemic,” said Kishore Mahabhoomi, a former Singaporean diplomat.  Because China quickly won over Corona.  This has created a rift in China’s relations with other countries.  China has severed ties with Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

 According to a survey, Chinese President Xi Jinping has not taken any steps for the good of the world.  That was 61 percent in 2019.  In the eyes of the people of 14 countries, Jinping is unreliable.  China’s political process is being blamed for this.  China wants to assert its dominance in East Asia.  As a result, China’s hostility to other countries is growing.  Meanwhile, China has been trying to reduce its influence in the world court.  Because the United States has been dominating the world market for the past four decades.  But experts predict that China’s plan will fail.

 Employment in China has been hampered by 61 percent of jobs for Corona.  Even after the Cold War with China, India has banned Tik tok, Pubg and so on.  As a result, China’s economy has been affected.  Hong Kong is also united against China.  Which the United States supports.  A similar situation has arisen in Taiwan.  The United States and India are backing Taiwan against China.  China’s relations with Australia have deteriorated.  According to a survey, about 81 percent of Australians oppose China.

 Only in the eyes of China can the dragon’s actions and behaviour  be understood.  China believes in expansionist policies.  The country’s diplomatic policy is also weak. Chinese lawmakers need to think deeply about this.  In Asia, India, Japan and Australia are preparing to issue checks to China.  China still considers itself stronger than anyone else.  But even more powerful nations have joined hands against China.

 If Jinping changes his policy, there are still many delays.  Biden is expected to continue traditional trade with Asia and Europe, separating China.