Year-Ender 2022: From 5G In India To Big Tech Mass Layoffs

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

With the year coming to its end, here is a roundup of the biggest tech news that happened this year to help you catch up with all things that happened so far and what you should expect from the year 2023.

Big tech companies like Meta, Twitter and YouTube blocked Russian media and government accounts from their platform.  Apple paused its product sales in Russia soon after the war began, while Google announced that it had stopped selling all online ads in Russia. Samsung suspended product shipments to Russia. Many other tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Sony, NVIDIA, Intel and more also made their exit from Russia.


Many tech companies ended the work-from-home flexibility for employees. Major tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and more made it mandatory to come to offices to see the receding effect of coronavirus. Elon Musk informed his Tesla and Twitter employees that working from home was no longer permissible.

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