4 people are killed when a tusker rampages through Angul, Odisha

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Early on Saturday morning, Tusker went on the rampage and killed up to four people in the Angul neighbourhood. Unbelievably, the occurrence did not occur in a single village. In actuality, the tusker wandered into four separate villages and massacred the residents. In the neighbourhood, resentment over the tragedy has grown. Locals were furious and accused the forest department of being completely negligent in the fatalities. “Such sad deaths resulted from the forest department’s terribly poor inability to locate the tusker. The lives of all four could have been saved if they had alerted the populace to its whereabouts, according to a local.

The tusker was reportedly stumbling around the region after being separated from its herd, according to sources. However, no forest officials had contacted the community or made any announcements in this regard, so the locals were ignorant. Subhash Biswal of Cheliapada village had gone to his farm early on Saturday morning with his brothers to check on his crops. The tusker suddenly materialised out of thin air and attacked everyone.Subhash was killed by the tusker while his brothers were able to flee. Soon after, the tusker murdered one person in each of the surrounding villages of Angarbandh, Barasingha, and Santri, bringing the total to four.

“In our villages, this is the first incidence of its kind. No tusker or elephant had ever wandered into the communities. The first time is now. The people would have taken precautions if the forest agency had made any announcements in this regard. Therefore, we blame the forest department for the fatalities,” added another villager.”The tusker is on a murderous rampage. However, the forest officials haven’t been able to follow the tusker’s whereabouts and drive it away from populated areas. The forest department is now pledging to give the victims’ families jobs and compensation totaling Rs 4L. There will be a lot more deaths if this recklessness continues. Another village claimed, “They are on duty, but they are unaware of the tusker’s movement.

By Bidisha Mohanty

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