5 Interesting Facts about our MotherLand India


” India ” , is not a mere country, for all Indian’s our motherland gives out a sense of belongingness and pride. 26th January where India is celebrating its 74th Republic Day, let us talk about 5 interesting facts about our motherland India .

The famous Glacial Lake in India


At the foot of Trisul, a trio of Himalayan peaks, in the state of Uttarakhand, you’ll find Roopkund Lake. The lake, which is 5,029 metres above sea level, is known as “the lake of skeletons.” A British forest warden discovered hundreds of human bone remains while patrolling the region in 1942. Approximately 600–800 skeletons are said to have been discovered here thus far. The most of the year, the lake is frozen, and the skeletons aren’t visible until the snow melts.Scientists discovered that some of the skeletons were more than 1,200 years old after carbon dating some of the remains. Even worse, some of the bones’ deaths occurred over a period of time of up to 1,000 years, indicating that not all of their deaths could have been caused by a single cataclysmic event. The reason why so many individuals died here over so many years has not yet been determined, therefore “the lake of skeletons” continues to be a mystery.

India has the highest population of vegetarians in the World

If you have ever visited India, you are aware of the abundance of delectable vegetarian dishes available there. Due to cultural and religious beliefs, 15% to 30% of India’s population is thought to be strictly vegetarian.History demonstrates that becoming a vegetarian increased significantly as a result of the teachings of Buddha and the spread of Jainism throughout India. Hindu groups followed suit, and today vegetarianism is so widespread in India that western restaurants like KFC have a vegetarian menu.


A Hindu celebration called Kumbh Mela is observed approximately every 12 years. People take a ceremonial bath in the river at four pilgrimage spots along its banks. It is thought that taking a bath in the river at these locations can help people atone for their sins and wash them of past transgressions.The world’s largest ever gathering of people took place at the Kumbh Mela in 2011. The gathering, which included over 75 million pilgrims, was so large that it could be seen from orbit!


A spice is a natural ingredient that is mostly used to flavour or colour food. For their mouthwatering curry recipes, India uses a lot of spices, which is possibly why this cuisine has gained so much popularity around the world. A staggering 70% of all spices in the world now are produced in India. Black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, turmeric, and vanilla are a few of the most well-known varieties.


The world’s highest cricket ground is located in India, which is quite cool. Chail, Himachal Pradesh, is home to Chail Cricket Ground. It was constructed in 1893 and is still in use as a polo field. Chail Cricket Ground, which is situated at a height of about 2,144 metres (7,500 feet) above sea level, offers some rather breathtaking vistas.

We hope you loved reading about the five amazing facts. With this Interview Times wishes you a very Happy Republic Day.

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