A bus from Bihar to Delhi crashes into a milk truck on the Lucknow-Agra Motorway near Unnao, leaving 18 dead and 17 injured


An accident on the Lucknow motorway in the Unnao region of Uttar Pradesh has claimed the lives of at least eighteen persons.In the Unnao area of Uttar Pradesh, a sleeper bus collided with a milk truck on the Lucknow-Agra motorway on Wednesday morning, resulting in at least eighteen fatalities and over fifteen injuries.The bus from Bihar to Delhi crashed with the tanker when it was trying to overtake, and the event happened close to Gadha village. The bus tipped over due to the force of the accident.Officials said that the majority of passengers on the bus were migrant labourers.Everyone who was hurt has been taken to a neighbouring hospital to receive medical attention. Three of the seventeen individuals are reportedly in a critical condition.

The deceased’s names are still pending confirmation. A rescue effort has been started by the local authorities.In a another event that happened earlier this year in Unnao, a speeding truck struck a bus head-on and tore through one of its sides, killing eight passengers and injuring over twenty more. On Safipur’s Hardoi-Unnao Road, close to Jamaldipur village, the accident occurred. The Unnao district hospital and the LLR Hospital in Kanpur both admitted the injured patients.

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