A fake bomb threat to delay flight ,gets a man arrested

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Abhinav Prakash, a Dwarka resident and trainee ticketing agent for British Airways, was detained by Delhi Police on Friday after calling in a false bomb threat just before a SpiceJet flight to Pune was scheduled to take off. According to Prakash, he created the fictitious bomb threat so that his pals could spend more time with their partners who were boarding the SpiceJet flight out of Delhi.After being asked by his pals Rakesh (who goes by one name) and Kunal Sehrawat to devise a scheme that would enable them to spend more time with the two women they met on a trip to Manali, Prakash made the hoax call.

The three decided to cancel the trip by calling Spicejet Airlines’ call centre with a phoney bomb. According to Singh, Prakash called the airline’s customer service and reported that “There is a bomb in flight No. SG-8938.”
According to a detective looking into the case, Prakash placed the threat call because he “seeks their validation” and looks up to Rakesh and Sehrawat.The aircraft was relocated to an isolation bay after SpiceJet’s call centre received the call and informed the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

When the women on board learned that the aircraft had been delayed or perhaps cancelled, Prakash called them and they immediately began to rejoice. Friends of Abhinav Prakash fled their homes after learning that he had been detained and are currently evading the authorities. Police are still looking for the two men.

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