A sense of relief for Indian Students who left Ukraine

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Russia announced on Thursday that Indian students who left Ukraine can continue their education there because the medical curricula are the same in both nations, making this the first time since the conflict in Ukraine began in February.

Oleg Avdeev, the general consul of Russia in Chennai, said: “Due to the nearly identical medical curriculum in Russia, Indian students who left the Ukraine can continue their education there (as Ukraine). Since the majority of people in Ukraine speak Russian, they are familiar with the local tongue. In Russia, they are warmly welcomed “.

“Students continue to travel to Russia to further their studies. It is moving higher. In Russia, more and more students are requesting financial aid “the diplomat from Russia remarked.Students had to interrupt their studies midway through to return to India because of the ongoing war.Their aspirations were dashed in September when India’s National Medical Commission made it clear that it does not intend to accept medical students from Ukrainian universities in Indian colleges.

Many of these students, according to local media reports, are reportedly giving up on medicine, searching for transfers to foreign universities, or simply waiting for the Indian government to help them get into one of the country’s medical schools.

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