An insight on the book “Of the heart and soul-a mellifluous whisper”


The poetry collection by Piyali Mitra soothes the soul. Her poetic use of language and metaphors gives the laudatio to life a particularly vivid quality. While I reread the poems that I liked the best, the author has retained the true concept of love. Although the book is brief and can be finished in an hour, the poetry’s beauty makes it difficult to speed through the reading. You can find peace of mind in each poetry. In the colours, scents, and essences of the book, attempts were made to depict water, land, mountains, seasons, and even leaves. The poem “Books-A Companion of my Heart” is my favourite since every line is so accurate and motivates me to read more poetry books. This book looks at how love can be a source of both inspiration and suffering.

This book is a collection of verses with excellent writing. Here, the poetess discusses a range of subjects, including as motherhood, love, God, and goddesses. She wrote about her ideas in a really beautiful manner. She made everything she wrote more beautiful. Reading the oeuvre allows one to experience her feelings. Since the Day I Met You and A Call to Her Soul are two of my favourite poems in the collection. The book can be found at

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