Author Shree Shambav wins the Inspiring Authors Award 2023


Author Shree Shambav is an author of extreme high calibre, and he has also written about several important topics. He has recently written a wonderful article on Unplugging Childhood – Navigating the maze of social media addiction. His writeups have appealed to a large number of readers and his writings have impacted a lot of lives positively . Let us know what National Level Award Winner Sutapa Bhattacharjee had to say about his book “Twenty +1 – Short Stories.” He has recently received the Inspiring India Authors Award 2023.

“A symptom of a psychologically healthy and happy mind includes listening to values, challenging behaviors and emotions, repeating expressions, and conjuring up imaginary entities using their creative powers. The author has generated images with universally applicable ideals and values. The author made a very tremendous effort to provide fascinating stories. The author describes each component in painstaking detail to convey the enormous significance of each creation. The narration is convincing and done with skill. I liked how each little story had a lesson that even very small children could understand.”


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