Balochistan blast: 60 dead after suicide attack, according to a minister in Pakistan


Balochistan bombing: The Pakistani suicide attack targeted a procession commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad at Mastung, a location close to the Madina Masjid.The Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence service of India is to blame for a suicide bombing that occurred in Balochistan on Friday and left 60 people dead and 60 injured, according to Pakistan’s interior minister Sarfaraz Bugti. On Bugti’s accusation, the Indian government has not yet released an official statement.The attack took place at a location named Mastung close to the Madina Masjid and was directed at a procession honouring the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. After the bomber set up his explosives close to a police car where people had gathered for the procession, the blast tore through the mosque in the southern region of Balochistan.

Pakistani officials have long asserted that India funds violent groups there, a claim that India has consistently refuted.In the capital of Balochistan, Quetta, Bugti promised the media that “civil, military, and all other institutions will jointly strike against the elements involved in the Mastung suicide bombing.”He asserted that “RAW is involved in the suicide attack,” but he gave no additional information or supporting documentation.Wasim Baig, the spokesman for the Balochistan health department, stated that the increase in the death toll was due to seven additional patients passing away in hospitals since Friday. He also claimed that further patients were still in critical condition.


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