Coffee with Shiv Khera by the Group Editor Dibyajit Sahu


It’s a sheer privileged & pleasure to Interview the grand young man who has transcended the Indian management system ,we all young India fondly call you “Management Guru”in a truest sense.As we all know you as a Global Motivational speaker,Acclaimed Author,Great Thinker and many more titles to your crown.Lets start the most awaited talk show ” Coffee with Shiv Khera”.

Dibyajit Sahu: So, are you a true sports enthusiast? Do you like cricket or football?
Shiv Khera: Mostly, I play football. I have been involved in martial arts and have achieved my green belt. I still have in mind to go for my black belt as well.

Dibyajit Sahu: Alright, suppose you are asked to choose one: Messi or Ronaldo?
Shiv Khera: Well, it depends. Which day is it? It doesn’t matter, Messi or Ronaldo. They’re both great players, aren’t they? I think my grandson likes Ronaldo, so I’ll go with Ronaldo.

Dibyajit Sahu: In cricket, India is hosting the International World Cup. Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli, in terms of talent and performance?
Shiv Khera: I would go with Rohit Sharma because he is an all-rounder and covers many aspects of the game. So, I think I’ll go with Rohit Sharma.

Dibyajit Sahu: Okay, one liner for Modi.
Shiv Khera: I think he’s been the biggest blessing to India after almost 75 to 80 years.

Dibyajit Sahu: And for Rahul Gandhi?
Shiv Khera: I think he should pack up. He should be responsible if he’s heading the party. Over a period of time, he’s been the president of the party for almost 8-10 years now. Of course, he’s not there anymore, but he’s been running the party for the last 15-20 years. Literally, he and his mother. So yeah, 20 years is a long time to ruin a party.

Dibyajit Sahu: It’s a sad statement for Congress.
What message would you like to convey to Rahul Gandhi directly?
Shiv Khera: If he wants to become more popular and wise, my only advice is that he should put the country’s interest above his own.

Dibyajit Sahu: Print media or electronic media?
Shiv Khera: Well, I always enjoyed print media, but now, electronic media is very powerful. Electronic media includes TV and digital media. I like television media because you can hear and see.

Dibyajit Sahu: So, what’s your take on Test matches?
Shiv Khera: Well, you’re right that people have shifted away from test cricket to shorter formats like 50-50 and T20. Things have changed. I still prefer the 50-50 format; it’s a good, neutral balance. Test cricket is too long, and it rarely provides results. People want to see a winner and a loser.

Dibyajit Sahu: Alright. Traveling or reading?
Shiv Khera: I prefer reading because you’re a busy man, traveling from country to country. Traveling for vacations is nice, but reading is a constant source of knowledge.

Dibyajit Sahu: Crisis manager or top manager?
Shiv Khera: If I had to choose, I’d look at a top manager. A top manager avoids crises, while those who are not top managers create crises and then try to manage them.
Dibyajit Sahu: It’s a wonderful coffee with Shiv Khera..Really entertaining, insightful, revelling.

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