Congress promises 2000Rs/month as Karnataka Assembly Polls come close

by Subhechcha Ganguly

After offering 200 free energy units to all homes, Congress has made another significant pre-election promise: If the party is elected to power in the State, every woman who is the head of household will receive a monthly monetary support of 2,000. Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra made the news during a convention she was attending. She stated the “unconditional universal basic income” programme, known as the “Gruha Lakshmi Yojana,” will immediately credit 24,000 rupees per year to each recipient’s bank account.The move is intended to lessen “the burden of high LPG costs and the pricey everyday expenses that a woman has to face,” according to the Congress. because “every woman in Karnataka deserves financial independence,” according to the Congress.

In her speech, Priyanka pointed firearms at the BJP government and accused it of engaging in widespread corruption. She said that the administration had amassed Rs 1.5 lakh crore by accepting 40% commission as bribes. In Karnataka, “you have to pay bribes for everything,” she declared. She claimed that nearly all government-related transactions, including the obtaining of borewells, driving licences, housing, and transfers, require the payment of bribes.

Even if nothing happened in terms of votes when we released the first manifesto for women in Uttar Pradesh, we forced every political party to pay attention to women and their demands, according to Vadra. More than 1.5 crore women in the state would benefit from the programme, therefore the government would need to invest Rs 36,000 crore annually to make good on its promise.The Congress representative asserted that during the elections in Uttar Pradesh, even the BJP was compelled to run advertisements in newspapers for women.

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