Home Health Times COVID shocker, Infected man found hanging from an overhead fan

COVID shocker, Infected man found hanging from an overhead fan

COVID shocker, Infected man found hanging from an overhead fan

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By, Yogita Malhotra

A 45-year-old infected patient from Loni was found hanging from a ceiling fan in a room at Ghaziabad where he was isolated. Officials said the man worked as a sweeper with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in Brahampuri

Shockingly, the Ghaziabad Health Department had no records of the patient, and they found out only after his death. According to them, he was tested two days ago using an antigen kit at a nearby dispensary in Brahampuri.

Dismally, however, no report was provided to him. They also added that he had shown no symptoms like cough, cold, or fever, but he had isolated himself in one of the rooms of his house

As a family member revealed, “He was worried. On doctor’s advice, he had isolated himself in one of the rooms in his house. We had last spoken to him around 4 am on Tuesday when we had gone to provide water. But two hours later, when we went to check on his health and provide tea, we found him hanging. He did not leave any suicide note”.

The matter was also reported to the police and the local administration. His quarantined family members were also shifted to the quarantine health centre.

Unquestionably, people (infected or non-infected) have been wrestling with the coronavirus mentally and psychologically every day. It has developed an awful sense of panic and fear in the minds and hearts of the citizens

Numerous cases have been reported to date; several people have committed suicide due to lingering fear in their minds, who were able to tackle the isolation, gave up, and succumbed to despair.

According to data, 80 people killed themselves due to panic, and fear of being tested positive for the virus

Even though there are various Covid-19 Indian mental health hotlines to aid and advise anyone in distress, the people such as the old man, have not been able to reach them.

The health department needs to be more concerned and empathetic to treat their patients. People should also realize that this pandemic is not the end of the world, they have the strength to combat it.

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