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“Don’t blame the previous government”; Sonia Gandhi’s letter to the Prime Minister on the rise in fuel prices


Oil prices are rising sharply in the country. In many cities, oil prices have crossed hundreds of rupees. Sonia Gandhi has showed her concern on this issue. Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the hike in petrol-diesel prices. “The price hike is historic and unprecedented,” she wrote.

“Let the government provide relief to the middle and poor by reducing diesel and petrol prices,” she added. Every citizen of the country is facing a crisis due to rising prices from gas to petrol. As the middle class and the poor families in the country are going through a difficult situation, the rise in the price of household items has raised their concerns. Oil prices have risen sharply. Even in many parts of the country, petrol prices have crossed 100 per liter.

“The way the GDP is falling and the rise in oil prices is blaming the government on the previous government,” she said. The government has been told to reduce the price of fuel and give it to the middle class, the wage earners, the farmers and the poor.

Crude oil prices are about half the price than the UPA. Even then, your government raised oil prices for 12 consecutive days. How the government has decided to do this is not acceptable, she added.

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