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Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network

Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network
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The Health Ministry has announced the use of an Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN). It is an innovative technological idea aimed at the fortitude immunization supply chain system across the country.

This is working and is under examining the team of National Health Mission to get real-time information on vaccine stocks and its flow and storage temperature across all cold chain points in the country.
This application has been used with required, inevitable customisation during the pandemic for ensuring the continuation of crucial immunization supply and protection of children and pregnant mothers against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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The eVIM is an indigenously developed technology system in India that examines the stock and helps in monitoring the temperature of through a smartphone application. The inceptive aims to strengthen the evidence base for improved policy-making in vaccine delivery, procurement, and planning for new antigens in India.

This would help support the state government in overcoming the constraints of infrastructure for monitoring and managing information systems and human resources that have ever resulted in overstocking materials and stock out of vaccines in storage centres. UNDP has started this innovative idea with a partnership with the government of India.

With the use of eVIN district, officials can monitor the following areas:

• Crosscheck and tracking real-time stock and temperature.
•Understandig the vaccine requirement accordingly.
•Affirm emergency management.
•Keeping a track record of consumption patterns.
•Having sufficient capital with subsequent allocation.

As per the Health Ministry 23,507, cold chain point across 585 districts have routinely been using this technology for effective vaccine logistics management.
Nearly 24000 electronic temperature loggers have installed on the vaccine cold chain for getting accurate temperature reviews.
This eVIN technology has enabled vaccine availability to 99% to most of the health care centres.
All these improvements make eVIN a robust platform that has the capacity to leverage any newbie vaccine as and when required.

Written by- Mousami Jena
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