Government’s 100% online, digital university plan will make higher education more accessible


A digital university is a gift to students around the nation for the new year in the sector of higher education. The Ministry of Education is establishing a digital university in close collaboration with all parties, and it anticipates that students will begin to benefit from it in 2023. The unique aspect of this effort is that since all other higher education institutions and universities around the nation will be affiliated with it, it will be connected to all of them.According to the Ministry, this virtual university will accept online applications for admission and for all other relevant procedures. Students will also be admitted to this online university using this method.

Both the form of teaching and the method of evaluating the students at this online university will be conducted online. Through the “Swayam” portal run by the Union Ministry of Education, students will be able to complete their coursework online. The National Digital University will probably be founded using the “Hub and Spoke” paradigm, according to University Grants Commission Chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar. All students who have completed grade 12 will be allowed to enrol in higher education under this scheme.

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