Hirakud Dam Reservoir Releases Season’s First Floodwater

by Aishwariya Dhal

Considering, the continuous heavy rainfall in the catchment areas of the reservoir, the Hirakud dam authorities have decided to release the first floodwater of the season into the Mahanadi River today at 11 am. The excessive water from Hirakud Dam is discharged through seven sluice gates. The officials confirmed that the inhabitants of Hirakud, Sambalpur, and Burla were notified before the release.

Notably, the Hirakud Dam has a storage capacity of 630 cubic feet and a storage capacity of 613.15 cubic feet. The flood waters will reach Mundali in the next 36 hours. A total of 64 sluice gates to discharge the floodwater, 24 on the right side and 40 on the left side of the dam.


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