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Home is where the heart is!

Home is where the heart is!
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Maharshi Dayanand Service mission has been home to more than 100s of children. There are children who are completely abandoned, some have a single parent and a few stays as hostel who will return to their home after they attain the age of 18.

They come from underprivileged families and here they get good proper nourishment, education etc. The house is full of children who longed for nothing but love. They are the pure soul who got attached to all of us the moment we arrived. They made us feel at home.

Pramod Kumar Sahoo, the secretary of the orphanage, “There are few kids who have been working outside. They are working as a government teacher, technical support and many in private companies.”

He also added that they provide education from primary level to graduation. Also, some are put into technical education. The orphanage has witnessed few marriages too. As many as four marriages took place with the support of district collectorate. They had provided Rs 40,000 for each marriage.

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Mamuni Munda, two and a half-year-old,  is the youngest member of the orphanage. She was rescued from Kamakhya Nagar. She was only 6months old when her parents abandoned both the brother and sister duo. Her brother who was four years old by then was left in the forest with his sister on a lap. He had to beg for the survival in such a tender age.

Sakuntala Parida, who was involved in the entire rescue process from the orphanage said that the duo was going through a really tough time. After getting a call from locals they went and took the duo to hospital. Mamuni was really critical and was put into intensive care.she was kept in hospital for nearly 15 days.

She was also diagnosed with the first stage of Tuberculosis and she was malnourished at the same time. she took a long time to recover. But the credit goes to the “Maharshi Dayanand Orphanage” for keeping up with the entire process.

Sakuntala Parida fondly known as “didi” takes care of each and every child like they are her family. She has been working in an orphanage for 20 years.

She said “My salary doesn’t matter to me anymore. These kids are much more to me. After my husband’s death, they are my family.” Mamuni is very dearest to her as she has grown on her lap. From eating, to sleep to regular chores, she has done everything. Mamuni is now about three years old and she is out of danger.

Recently a new change has been seen in the house. Children are being adopted from across the globe. Couples who long for a child have extended their happiness for adoption. There are parents from America, Australia, Italy etc.

Children are getting new life. Earlier, the orphanage had to suffer for funding but now they have a lot of donors and along with that they are also getting government funding. There are workers in the different tier as well and they get salary according to that.

The orphanage has a proper medical facility, rooms to stay and also have a proper menu to have a balanced diet. They are also provided with cosmetics, proper dresses so that they don’t feel excluded. Also, they are taken for a picnic and educational trips every year.  

This Orphanage can be taken as an example of how we can drive happiness out of every moment. Even if we lack certain privileges life goes on. Social inclusion is the best gift one can have. Home is where the heart is.

Article Written By Shilpa Dey

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