Hurried facelift in Bhubaneswar ineffective

Administration should concentrate on "solid" urban infra

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Recently, there was a flurry of activity on some of Bhubaneswar’s lanes. A few roads received a fresh coat of black paint from hurried cleaning and heavy machinery, and locals worried if the VVIP would be travelling that way. The city’s president, Smt. Droupadi Murmu, was visiting, so the officials had to move quickly. Renovation projects are often undertaken quickly and very expensively.

Normal financial restraint is abandoned under these situations. When the major event is over, the system reverts to a condition of indifference because optics is the main emphasis. The Hockey World Cup, a major event, will shortly be held in Bhubaneswar, and as a result, the city will undergo extensive renovations and extravagance will follow.Let’s place our research right in the shadowy underbelly of smart city infrastructure. A culvert was built to aid in the passage of storm water in front of the BJB Junior College Building, which had a wide driveway that had undergone substantial renovations. All of these were completed recently. A few concrete slabs suddenly came way, and a laden truck navigating the culvert tumbled into the drain. Now that the drain has been completely covered with earth, there might not even be a culvert. It is unclear how stormwater will be regulated. The wide road has since suffered significant damage. Most repair work on roads and culverts is of poor quality, and public unhappiness and disillusionment continue to rise.

City streets are frequently excavated for a variety of purposes, such as running cables, clearing clogged sewers, building welcoming arches for dignitaries, and establishing temporary stages for concerts. The majority of footpaths are used by vendors; those that are not are not suited for pedestrians. There are inoperative electronic restrooms and electronic kiosks. The execution of the works is still sloppy.A typical practise that makes sure concrete slabs become incredibly sturdy and long-lasting is to barely moisten the concrete throughout the curing process. Multiple agencies’ use of extravagance for projects with little relevance or regard for quality points to a complete lack of accountability and the wasting of millions of tax dollars. All of these lead to road potholes, waterlogging, sewage spills, and dengue outbreaks.

A much better urban infrastructure and better value for the money would have been guaranteed by discipline and responsibility. It could avoid facelift procedures and hasty veneer application. The culture of window dressing is now too entrenched to be eliminated. It has numerous qualities. It creates a positive atmosphere and maintains the satisfaction of the key stakeholders. Contractors, vendors, and managers all profit unexpectedly. It gives urban infrastructure’s supple underside a healthy appearance. Only the non-corporate taxpayers and the general public feel underserved. In any case, the current form of government has made sure that these two divisions have been steadily declining.



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