IG Drones: Redefining Horizons in Drone Innovation

IG Drones: Pioneering the Sky, Redefining Horizons in Drone Innovation

IG Drones, a leading enterprise drone solutions provider, specializes in GIS Survey, Topographic Survey, Drone Inspection, Powerline Monitoring, Smart City Survey, Mines Survey, and more. Their influence spans Infrastructure, Power, Railway, Port, Road, Mines, Water Resources, Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy.

They’ve executed over 500 projects, partnering with State Governments and 30 major PSU’s & MNC’s. Branch offices across India – Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, and Bhubaneswar – underscore their national footprint.

IG Drones envisions shaping India into the Global Drone Hub by 2030. Their mission transcends borders, aiming to train 10 million youths. In 2022, they monitored India’s largest bridge in Arunachal Pradesh, showcasing their expertise. The pinnacle of innovation manifested in India’s first 5G-enabled drone simulator, heralding a vision for the future of disaster management.

In the quaint town of Burla, where dreams found their wings beneath the starlit night, a tale of ambition and innovation began. Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, the young visionary at the heart of this story, initially aspired to serve his nation through the National Defence Academy (NDA). However, destiny led him to VSSUT, Burla, where his passion for innovation thrived.

Bodhi’s journey unfolded in the crucible of academia, where theoretical knowledge found purpose in practical application. Inspired by ISRO’s satellite launch, he, along with peers, ventured into the cosmos with a dream of exploring space through satellites. Facing the formidable hurdle of funding, they chose an unconventional path – building their own rocket. Months of relentless experimentation culminated in the homemade rocket soaring 16,000 feet above ground, earning a place in the LIMCA Book of Records.

The Chief Minister’s recognition and ISRO’s acknowledgment led to the birth of the first space innovation center at VSSUT. Bodhi’s quest for knowledge extended to Russia, sponsored by the Chief Minister of Odisha, revealing his deep gratitude for his homeland.

Bodhi’s journey wasn’t confined to accolades. His transformative vision materialized in the form of VSSUT Satellite Launched Vehicle (VSLV), inspecting the Hirakud Dam. This marked the genesis of IG Drones, born from innovation and compassion. The first commercial contract measuring coal stockpiles for HINDALCO propelled them into the corporate arena, serving giants like L&T, Adani, JSW, JSPL, and ArcelorMittal.

Collaborating with the Odisha Skills Development Authority, IG Drones transformed laborers into skilled drone operators, earning national acclaim. Bodhi’s unique workforce solution drew attention from the National Skills Development Council.

In the tapestry of Bodhisattwa’s journey, a blend of audacity, brilliance, and compassion emerged. IG Drones, not just a company but an inspiration, illuminates the path for generations. Their story echoes the belief that dreams, pursued with determination and a compassionate heart, redefine the future. The sky is not the limit; it’s the beginning of infinite possibilities.

Each day, IG Drones stands as the trusted ally for professionals engaged in asset monitoring, area mapping, structural inspections, construction operations, and ground patrols. From capturing to analyzing and sharing precise data about sites and assets, IG Drones has become the go-to solution nationwide for industry experts in need of reliable and efficient drone services.

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