In Conversation with Author Urmi Rumi

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Books have been wonderful partners of human life. Authors play a major role in transforming human minds and even give out wonderful messages. Let us talk with one such author Urmi Rumi.

Q1) When did you come to know that you had interest in writing ?

I was a young child, say, 5 or 6 years old when my mother and I were pretend playing. We were neighbours in that game, and I was a poetess who had just shifted near my mom’s house. I wrote my first sher in that game. And after that, it got instilled in my mind that I could write effortlessly. Meandering through other things, I ultimately came back to writing, because that’s what happens with vocations, calling. You come back to them.

Q2) How did you decide the theme of your solo book ?

It has been a constant in my life. First I saw my mother, then teachers, then other female relatives and hearing and experiencing more and more such stories made it something I felt really deeply about. The unfair treatment towards the womenfolk renders me angry and resentful – why not convert that into something creative? That was the thought. It won’t be wrong to say that even I have seen and felt these things personally. That makes the experience even more dense. It needed to be addressed.

Q3) We all know that there is a lot of hardwork that goes in the process of authoring a book. Tell us about your experience behind it.

My stories have spanned many years, it’s not after I thought to publish that I started writing. So, collating the material wasn’t the biggest challenge in my authoring journey. It was the process of finding the right guys to publish my first paperback. Overall experience was very good, albeit not smooth. Most publishers today are out there not to publish but to secure their own money before anything else. It makes things a little difficult for a new author – nobody would take me seriously until I was talking about a paid arrangement. For unpaid, traditional publishing, the contracts presented to me were obnoxious. There is an ever existing question of marketing – the publisher asks the author this, and the author asks the publisher. Vicious circle. But by God’s grace I got Sakal Publishing, a good brand in the Marathi circle, respectable. They gave me a good launchpad.

Q4) Tell us something about your book in few words .

Over the years, women in India have slowly got it all – good education, opportunity, equal upbringing. They are shown dreams and confidence. They feel they can touch the sky, there is no stopping them. but the moment they step into the real world, in career or in married life, the hypocrisy of the equality they are brought up with, starts to show. They are constantly reminded how they can never be equal to a man; they are shown biased behaviour – preference to the man in the scene. Socially, economically… always number 2. This is the premise of all the stories in my book.

Q5) What message do you want to give to young authors who want to publish their own book 


By all means, do it. Don’t think about sales, about awards or anything else. Do it for the experience. It will become one of the richest experiences of your life!

Q6) The youth nowadays is more focused on reading e books ? Do you like e books or you are more into hardcopies and why ?

I am personally more excited about hard copies because of the experiential richness it holds. An e book can show you the words but not make a memory – the one which gets created once you feel and hold, touch the pages, smell the aroma of the ink. The more senses are involved in putting that experience of reading together, the more heightened the joy is. But e books are not that bad – at least the internet generation is reading and not just watching mindlessly. Maybe it is a transient time, from actual books to e books… appreciate the effort of reading, no matter what. I’ve put my book out in both versions – take your pick!

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