In Conversation with Dr. Dwijisha Katkar

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Dr. Dwijisha has curated a wonderful book “Butterflies and Peppermint “.She has several hobbies like singing ,going to art museums . She is a doctor an avid day dreamer that lives life sometimes. She wishes she could live in a museum or art gallery somewhere in Greece or France. Let us know more about her in this interview.

Q1) Since when did you start writing or have an interest in the field of writing?


Ans : I started writing when I was 13 years old. I used to write before that too, but it didn’t really make sense. I started with writing songs, because of an avid interest in music. I loved composing random things and writing my own lyrics. I think it was in a way, some form of poetry. I also started writing abstracts and short stories, for my school magazine and college magazine as well. I even wrote for my medical College magazine, and all these experiences and practice, contributed into me becoming a writer.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book “ Butterflies and Peppermint ‘?

Ans : I decided that I wanted the flow of poems to be almost like a river. You can start from any page and find something you like and relate to. I’ve always loved paintings but can’t make any myself, so I stalked and found wonderful artists online, who readily gave me their work for this book. I wrote some poems centred around those ravishing art works, and others just flowed out. My main aim was for the book to be like a walk in a art gallery somewhere far away from the mundane life.

Q3) Tell us more about the book “Butterflies and Peppermint “. Also attach the link here of your book so that we can read more.

Ans : i actually described the book in detail in the earlier answer heheheeh. It’s my baby, I hope you’ll give it a chance in your lives and shelves. It’s book of poems that covers basically topics of growth and growing pains, mental health, love and loss. Attaching the link below :

Q4) You have told about your hobby to go to art museums . Tell us about your favourite artist and a form of art that you love.

Ans : I love van gogh’s work. However cliche it may be. I love the bold brushstrokes and how immersive his paintings can be. You can drown yourself for a little while in his work. My favourite form of art in almost everything, is abstract. It adds beauty to the mundane and makes even the simplest things worthwhile.

Q5) Nowadays the youth is very much glued to the social media which causes, anxiety ,stress and other problems . As a doctor what are your views on this topic.

Ans : As someone who is trying to build a good social media base (it’s needed as a singer and writer), I face that anxiety myself, it drives me crazy sometimes. It’s very important to dissociate your worth from the views, likes and how perfect everything may look on social media. A lot of work goes into making it look like that. As a doctor I feel it’s important to take short breaks everyday from social media, it’s a must have in all of our lives, but we decide whether we allow it to rule us or not. Not everything is as it seems. And we should always try to stay true to ourselves. Practicing deep breathing and meditation of some kind really helps to ground us more.

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