“My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration”, Maitri Monali

"My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration", Maitri Monali

People who are stubborn about their dreams are actually the ones who achieve them. Interview Times had a great conversation with one of the budding actors of Ollywood, Monali Maitri who talked about her journey into modeling and acting. This was how the interview went-

"My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration", Maitri Monali
“My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration”, Maitri Monalii

Can You Brief About Yourself To Your readers?

Hello everyone, I am Moitri Manali Pradhan, a passionate model, and an active social worker. Moreover, I am also a student pursuing my BBA from KIIT University Bhubaneshwar. I am into modeling since the tender age of ten. I have won many awards, such as KIIT Nanhi Pari 2016, Miss KIIT International 2017 runner-up in Thailand, and Rubaru Miss India elite. My success is because of the love and support I have received from my parents. 

I relish reading novels, singing, and dancing. In short, I adore being happy and make others happy. I enjoy doing yoga as it is one of the best ways to maintain your fitness.

One piece of advice I would like to share with the readers. Never give up on your dreams. Always work hard to achieve it.

Did you always want to go into the showbiz arena since childhood?

As a kid, I had a huge crush on Hrithik Roshan. (laughs) My love for the showbiz industry probably began from there. However, when I started growing up and went to school, I saw many beautiful women (models) on TV with glittering gowns on them. It instantly attracted me, even though I did not have any idea about modeling. Gradually my love for singing, dancing, and being in front of the camera became more substantial. Finally, as a stubborn child, I requested my mother to let me participate in a fashion show. I won the first prize in that particular show, and since then, there is no looking back.

"My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration", Maitri Monali
“My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration”, Maitri Monalitri

Were you influenced by someone to get into this arena?

To be very honest, I was very young when I entered the field of modeling. I didn’t have much knowledge about it. Even today, I feel I am very new to it and learning new skills every day. However, once I entered into the pageant shows and got serious about Miss India or Miss World, the woman I have been closely following is Aishwarya Rai. I am amazed at how beautifully she manages to handle her professional and personal life. Moreover, I love her social work, and I am also in social services to humanity since 12.

Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life?

Without any questions, It has been my Mom. Whatever I am today is because of her. Since the day I have started my modeling today, she has been the greatest inspiration, influence, and supporter of my life. The way she helped me to get into the modeling world (we coming from an orthodox family) is out of the world. She has managed me, and my elder sister (my father works abroad) is way beyond imagination.

What are the challenges you faced when you entered this industry?

Some of the challenges I am facing even today. (laughs) To start with, the payment system in the Ollywood industry is not too great. There is still a big gap between the hard work put into a project and its revenue. Moreover, Nepotism and favoritism are the biggest challenges faced in Ollywood and every entertainment industry. Also, in today’s world, everything needs to be the best to make an impact. Therefore, for that reason, it’s very expensive to be the best in the modeling sphere. So yes, finance is a great challenge in this industry currently.

"My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration", Maitri Monali
“My Mom Has Been My Greatest Inspiration”, Maitri Monalii

How will you describe your journey in this industry?

The journey has been pretty beautiful and fruitful. There have been loads of ups and downs, but I have always seen the positive side of the coin as an optimistic person.

Any future plans? Any exciting projects coming up?

Yes, there are three to four projects lined up. There will surely be some interesting stuff in the future.

Image Source- Maitri Manali Picture Wardrobe

Interview By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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