In conversation with Eminent Author Anu Julka

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) What made you start your journey as an Author ?

I am an  author by chance. I had never thought of writing books. But my visit to Nathdwara (Rajasthan) made me to write about the rich art and culture of that place.

Q2) How did you decide the Plot for the book Shrinath Ji?

 It’s a long story. I must say Shrinath Ji chose me to do the service. In 2008, I visited Nathdwara (Rajasthan) with a student at art college to complete some project on textile. We were there to  research on Pichwai Paintings. These paintings are the traditional paintings of Pushtimarg which are done on cotton cloth.  The Pichwais are the textiles designed for the idol of Shrinath Ji. They are used as backdrop for the Shrinath ji idol. The temple of Shrinath Ji is called Haveli. These paintings elaborate the Leelas performed by Lord Krishna as a child. The paintings are of size 8 x 10 feet.

The people’s faith, devotion, dedication towards Shrinath Ji and the paintings inspired me to do something meaningful.  My  experiences during the research brought tremendous changes in my life, which motivated me to decide the plot of this book.

Q3) You have been a World Record Holder , in the International book of Rewards .Tell us about your experience.


I am extremely happy and grateful to God about it. I am a record holder with Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, Unique World Record Holder and many more. The recognition motivates me to do more and to write more.

Q4)You also have interest in travelling ? How often do you get time to travel in your busy schedule ?


I love to travel and explore the distant places. It’s all about time management. I am a morning person. I wake up at 5 in the morning without a miss. It gives me long day to do my stuff.


Q5) “Reading is very important for mental health “.What are your views on the topic ?


It is said that the greatest gift is a passion for reading. I think reading works like a therapy. Many researchers have proved that reading reduces stress. Studies have shown that reading only 6 minutes per day can improve the quality of your sleep, reduce stress and sharpen mental acuity. Everyone should have to cultivate habit of reading daily.  Reading allows you to engage with fun entertainment while calming and strengthening your mind. It’s never too late to start reading.

Q6) Give an advice to the young authors of today , who want to take up writing as their career option .


Let me tell you that writing is not my full-time profession. I write for pleasure. Today’s generation is pro. I just can suggest to do your research work, read the books related to the topic, spend time with seniors, learn from their experiences.

Thank You

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