In conversation with Master of Speed Cubing Chinmay Prabhu


This 23-year-old from India combined the two sports while falling 13,000 feet to attempt to break the world record for the quickest time to finish a rotating puzzle while in freefall. While many people find solving a Rubik’s Cube tough and skydiving dangerous, this Indian did both. Let us know more about Chinmay Prabhu also known as the master of Speed Cubing .

Please tell what inspired you to take up this skill ?

I always wanted to do something different, something unique and I found Speed Cubing!
I wanted this sport to get the recognition it deserves and that’s what has kept me going!

What thoughts did you have in your mind while   preparing  for Guiness Book of World Records ?

It’s always been challenging to prepare for Guinness World Records as the records I hold, have to do with merging different adventure activity.
The activities I’ve merged with Cubing for World records so far are Underwater, Bicycle riding, Skydiving & Bungee Jump. So, the conditions for these records are different but equally challenging.

Was it difficult , to come up with a profession that was so uncommon . Who was your inspiration?

It certainly was difficult at the beginning since rubik’s cube is considered more as a toy than a sport. Staying determined to the sport was challenging, but now with the support of people all over the internet has made it comparatively easier for me to grow.
I remember watching the 2011 Cricket World Cup, And the way Dhoni finished it with a six! That’s what has kept me going, he’s my inspiration. No matter how you start, finish it like Dhoni.

A lot of times people don’t get proper mentors to pursue their hobby .What would you suggest for that ?

In this digital era, with everything being available on the internet, it’s really easy these days to find and get good training to pursue our hobby through recorded videos or live sessions, all that is important is not getting distracted. If you work sincerely towards pursing your hobby, there’s nothing that can stop you.

Interview by : Subhechcha Ganguly

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