In Conversation with Nikita Sinha – Best Influencer in Eastern Region 2022


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How did you find your calling in influencing ?

It was never planned or in my head to influence people in fashion and makeup. This all started 6 years back when just out of interest I started posting my pictures in different looks and style.It was a whole jorney, when I started seeing people appreciating and adapting to my style, looks and every thing likes really what ever I posted.


What alternative social media options would you use if not Instagram and why ?

Instagram has been the whole support system to me and I would say being once just a user of Instagram and now being one of the certified Instagram Creator has impacted my life hugely.” Moj and YouTube ” would be my place alternative to Instagram . Both of the platform is having authentic views and huge mass. Moj being an made in India application would have my attention more .

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How difficult is the process of getting into influencing ?

My journey till now was a good roller coster . I would say yes it was difficult as consistently creating content and posting falls into a lot of time if my content gonna be appropriated by people and brands? Shooting for 8-9 hours to create quality content, writing down the whole script of the content, traveling to places for shoot self Shooting it is actually very draining things doesn’t end here grinding yourself after your work and college hours is very stressful but “When your passion becomes addictive you really keep grinding”. The process is long and sometimes you really get hard punches of comments from the people and sometimes so much appreciation . It’s like giving best each and every day to be in the trending face or limelight.


Do tell us something about your journey and achievements.

It has been a roller coster! I’ve so many good memories about my journey . Bhubaneswar, odisha has always supported me in the best way for recognizing the work of mine.
I have aquire some achievements like working for UNICEF, Odisha Tourism Eco Retreat , Oppo India, Zee TV, Colors TV, Global Cosmetic Brand Revlon and many more.

Awards- Emerging Blogger of odisha given By BNI Supreme, Bhubaneshwar.
Certificate- Verified Instagram Creator By Facebook and Instagram.

I am a part of huge communities across India of bloggers and influencers. Getting connected and knowing people more like you is it self I consider a great achievement.


What the challenges you faced as an eminent person in blogging and influencing industry ?

Well, I did faced great hard ship in my journey because people were not so comfortable and open for fashion and makeup bloggers/ influencer.During outdoor shoot I had heard bunch of negative comments from local, my team doesn’t used to get permission to shoot and those time commission work was tough.


Has the scope and career opportunities in influencing and blogging increased over the time ?

Yes it has because Covid -19 wave across the globe have pushed people toward social media and lockdown has made people creativity out and pushed people to be themselves infront of the whole world as an advantage. The competition is more today and quality of content making is rising. It’s no more a time pass it has become a full time way of earning.


Any advise you would love to give the upcoming youth who is interested in this profession?

Yes, keep exploring your own niche interest and desire. Be consistent, keep working, never give up. Remember every new day is your day to prove yourself better than today .


Interview by Subhechcha Ganguly

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