In Conversation with Noel Chackson


Noel Chackson is a debut writer. His genres of interest to write are romance, crime thrillers and conspiracy fiction. Unlike the other writers who have a vast experience and interest in reading books, he hates reading. He writes for the vision the words put in the reader’s head. The cinematic experience a reader goes through while reading and imagining a book is unexplainable. Here, the faces of the characters are yours to choose, the costumes of the characters are yours to choose, the accents, the hair, the tattoos are all yours to choose. Which means here the writer is not the only Creator. It is this unconventional bonding between the writer and the readers that makes him want to write. He has published his book “SUNFLOWER TUNES” with ‘The Write Order Publications.’ Below are the answers he responded to Interview Times questionnaire:-Q1- Writing a book takes tons of dedication and efforts, how did you manage to write your book?
Answer: Writing according me is more about the discipline. You just can’t sit and wait for inspiration to hit you all the time. Everyday you have to find a particular time where you can escape to a place you feel like you can express beyond what is expected. I always find a piece of artform that will put me in the zone or the atmosphere of the story, and that is a major assist, a song or a painting or anything that can inspire you to the emotions you want the readers to feel.

Q2- How do you choose characters for your plot?
Answer: My style of writing creates a pathway for me that helps my narration to grow and evolve the characters needed for the climax. Most of my characters are mostly chosen from my own life.

Q3- What is your choice of writing genre from these two options, a thriller or a mystery?
Answer: From the option given to me I would say a thriller is more of my taste.Q4- Was writing a book always there in your bucket list?

Answer: No.

Q5- What basic steps one should follow to avoid flaws while writing a book?

Answer: Any inspiration no matter how small note it down as soon as it comes. You may not use it but keep it for later. And always find a song or a painting or an object that will put you back in the zone when you get distracted. And most important of all, always know your climax. Make the characters believe God (you) has a plan.

Q6- Would like to share some key features of your book?
Answer: Sunflower Tunes is like a Rubik’s cube that turns its genre after each twist. It is written in a way that even first-time readers will be encouraged and motivated to finish the book at the same time experienced readers will pause time to turn pages.Q7- What are your future plans?
Answer: I have a couple of scripts and stories lined up in my mind, pretty soon I will be putting it on paper. I need a vacation before that.

Image Courtesy : Noel Chackson

Anyone can find his book ‘Sunflower Tunes’ on the below link:

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