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In Conversation with Sailesh Mishra, the author of “The perfect flaw” and “Butchers of malevolence”


Sailesh Mishra

Sailesh Mishra, a familiar name among the authors of odisha is currently pursuing MBA from kiit school of management. At the age of 21 he is now the author 2 books namely “ The perfect flaw”and “Butchers of malevolence.” An avid storytelling enthusiast, Sailesh is currently working on his third book. He has also organized and curated Open mics throughout the state. Interview Times had a detailed discussion with Sailesh, here are the excerpts.

In Conversation with Sailesh Mishra, the author of “The perfect flaw” and “Butchers of malevolence” 1

1-You are the author of two successful books, would you like to share your notion on that ?

Successful is a frame of reference. For some it seems successful. But for others like myself, it isn’t. But it’s the experience that does count as success. The joy of telling stories and letting people read them is what counts here. 

2-What makes you to choose your plot precisely ?

Research is the key. A paper thin plot can create wonders if it is followed with proper homework. Without proper build up and world building, it all falls flat. 

3-Which one is more difficult, to write a thriller or a romantic genre ?

Depends on the person I suppose. Personally, I have always been comfortable with experimental topics. I choose dark subject matters and on the nose satire to tell thrillers. 

4-Apart from writing what are your other Hobbies ?

I have been a bibliophile, cinephile since childhood. I love animes. And also cooking and speaking to new people. 

5-From where did you get Soo much inspiration to be a storyteller ?

The world is an empty Canvas filled with more inspiration than we can think of. Same applies to me and every storyteller to ever exist.

6-Was being a writer always their in your Bucket list ?

 Yes. Writing has always been a passion. But it’s time to actually put it forward for the world to see.

7-Would you like to share any of your best memories during your initial writting days ?

 The best memories have always been the reactions of my friends who read and sat through my stories with awe and aloofness.

8-What advice would you give to aspiring young writer’s ?

 Do Your Homework. Understand story structure. Emphasize on grammar and all the nit bits that you sometimes choose to ignore while telling your story. Because more important than the story is the amount of respect you give to your own creation because that will definitely affect the amount of respect your readers will give to it further.

Written By: Abinash Sahu

Image Source: InterviewTimes

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