In Odisha, NCC will be an elective course for UG students; a committee has been created


The 183 colleges in the state of Odisha will now offer National Cadet Corps (NCC) as an elective topic for undergraduate students. Odisha will begin offering NCC courses in its Plus 3 curriculum in the academic year 2023–2024.

“As NCC develops perspective and leadership qualities and is a good preparation for a value-based living among students, the Odisha government has decided that the option of NCC will be given at UG level to all students as a generic elective option,” said Ashoka Kumar Das, vice chair of the State Council of Higher Education Council.Currently, NCC relies primarily on field theory and practical classes taught in colleges, with one trained officer located in Odisha.

NCC will now be included as an option for students, and the NCC Directorate of Odisha will bring in some guest lecturers to teach the course, claims Das. The certificates given to the students will list NCC as a subject after the usual internal and semester exams are finished.

“Because NCC Odisha has a limited capacity to accept students, gradual efforts will be made to train two teachers per group, and we will decide on the next step based on the feedback from the students. According to Das, the NCC elective course will be worth 24 credits.

Das added that RD Women’s University has already implemented the changes, and a committee has been established to review all relevant factors, including the course syllabus.

“We started offering 12 credit NCC courses in 2013 and this year we increased to 24 credit NCC courses. We have been given the task of creating the course curriculum for the NCC elective course for the entire state of Odisha. Aparajita Choudhry, vice-chancellor of RD Women’s University, stated, “We are already prepared, and colleges can execute it after receiving clearance from the council.

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