Interview with Eminent Author of the book WOMAN – Vamsi Krishna

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Tell us something about your journey as a writer? From when did you start writing?

Since I was a child, I participated in writing and debate competitions and won every time I participated. In the beginning, I wrote small stories and gave them to my friends. They liked my stories, and thry distributed them to others. All of the readers responded positively. Later I used to narrate stories to my friends before sleeping. They loved my stories. My friend Sree Pavan used to listen to my stories every day. He was the first reader of my stories back then. In my 10th grade, I penned a few essays and was praised for my unique style of writing. I shared my stories with Sundar and Chandu, and they gave their thoughts, and we developed a story called ” Annaku Prematho ” together. Later I was busy with studies and didn’t continue writing. In my final year of intermediate, I started writing short stories for peace of mind. These stories were also appreciated by readers, and some kept them with them. I published my first story, Importance of a message, on Pratilipi on 17 December 2018. On pratilipi many random readers appreciated the story. From then on, I started publishing stories on pratilipi. I started a page called ” Ismav creative works ” on which I posted stories and quotes. Random readers from the india read my stories and they liked the stories and they shared my stories with their friends. On the 6th of June 2021, I learned that I can publish ebooks by using Amazon KDP. From then on, I started publishing my ebooks on Amazon KDP. Later, I learned that Notionpress allows me to publish paperbacks. I published my paperback book “woman” through Notionpress. From then on, I continued to publish books on amazon kdp as well as Notionpress. As of today, I have published 10 books and 26 short stories in both Telugu and English.
My stories when I was in the school.

Let us know something about your thoughts when you started writing the book Woman?


India is not the only country where women are facing difficult situations. We cannot stop it all at once. In order to show the reality of the situation, I began writing Woman. Although the book was short it had a strong message. The readers of the book praised me for writing about the issues women face today. Every person should read the book. I will be delighted if one person changes their perception of women after reading my book, and I will be pleased if the purpose of my book is accomplished. I received a prestigious award from the Rabindranath Tagore Literature Awards for my book “Woman”.

You have received few prestigious awards from DRDC. Tell us about your experience.

As a young writer, I established a world record by writing 35 stories in Telugu and English and i was recognised by the Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC). It was such a memorable experience. I have recently been recognized by the India Book of Records for my stories and books. I Will be featured in the Indian book of records in 2023.

Are there any new books you are planning to writer or you are looking forward too?


Right now, I am relaunching my books so that readers will be excited to read the updated edition. “Nutso”, “I want my dreams to come true”, are the titles of my next books. Nutso is a spine-chilling thriller with a strong plot, while “I want my dreams to come true” is dedicated to every girl.

Tell us about few good reads that you recently had. (Favourite books)


“The silent patient” got my attention as the storyline is similar to my theory. I liked “the invisible life of addie larue” by VE SCHWAB because the story has a lot of twists and turns. I usually don’t read normal books since I am an avid reader of thrillers. As one of my friends suggested, I read the book Kite Runner. After reading the book, I felt a vibe, and I will never forget that vibe.


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