Interview with the Eminent Author Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

by Subhechcha Ganguly

“Bonfires by the Beach” consists of one of the most beautiful plots in the recent time. Let us talk to the author about his journey in the field of writing and his book.

Q1) Since when did you take interest in writing? Tell us about your first writing experience

I started writing back in August 2015 as a means to channel my learning into a constructive direction. Writing has always been a comfort zone for me where I get to bring out all that brews within me. It somehow has become an integral and intricate part of my life, my journey and my everyday routine. It was a beautiful August evening and all I had was a pen, a t-shirt and a mind that wanted a medium to express. The rest breathes in my writing even today, as I hope and pray it does the coming times ahead.

Q2) How did you choose the theme of the book “Bonfires by the Beach “and why did this theme come to your mind?

I was at East Coast Beach in Singapore back in 2020 taking a sunset walk and a wandering thought of how important a ‘comfort zone’ can be to everyone. Bonfires by the beach speaks artistically and poetically about how one can find warmth, comfort and a sense of belonging while flipping through the pages as they would while sitting on a beach. The title came from an awakening while I was in an attempt to connect closer with nature and all bliss and learning it has to offer.

Q3) You must have seen that a large portion of youth is losing interest in reading. What are your comments on that.

Changing times demand changed methodologies, newer perceptions towards bringing in previous legacies and learning to the present. From traditional paperbacks to Kindles, audiobooks, podcasts and reading on social media, diverse audiences have found newer comforts and preferences into inculcating reading in their lives. If you ask me personally, nothing compares to the joy of holding a paperback in the hand, turning the crisp pages with the fragrances of fresh print adding to a nice cup of chai or coffee on any possible day. To each their own, I must say as I urge people to find more time to bring reading into their routines. A few pages can be a positive start and can be picked upon at their own pace.

Q4) You have received some really good reviews about your book. How do you feel as an author?


Believe me, I feel grateful beyond worded expression. Positive reviews feel like reflections of my work that people have embraced and made a part of their own lives. Giving space to my words in an individual’s personal space, life and aura is what I consider to be a blessing. I thank my readers for both, positive and constructive feedbacks that help me evolve as a person and in my alter ego as a writer.

Q5) Are you thinking of publishing any book, near the near future? What would be its theme?

I am currently working on my next book that indulges into deeper elements of inner peace, belongingness and constructive self-talk. I am exploring the theme along the lines of poetry, verses and abstract scribbles. I believe in giving a string of thought enough time to nurture into something mature, bold and beautiful as confetti. I urge you all to stay tuned and until then, cherish Bonfires by the beach in its existence.

Q6) One advice you want to give to the readers or some incident you want to share.

I would rather share an insight. We all are struggling with our own shortcomings and hurdles in life. We are all brought down by so much and sometimes, it all goes overboard. I urge my readers to find empathy in their day-to-day encounters with themselves and others, to be polite, humble and on a personal front, be grateful for all that did/ did not work out the way they wanted things to. There is hidden greater good/ silver lining in every breath we take, every decision we make and every choice that takes us ahead. Sometimes, life is about the little things, the baby steps before we build courage for giant leaps. One life, let us adapt to the language of love, gratitude, forgiveness and empathy. Let us be learners first, the rest falls in place eventually.

Love and light to everyone!

Mukhpreet Singh Khurana


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