Is Online Gaming a New Battlefield For Telcos

Is -Online -Gaming -a -New -Battlefield -For- Telcos

After the subscribers’ race and adding more and more entertainment-related video streaming over the OTT platform in their offerings where the next contests are going to be Reliance Jio and Bharati Airtel in online gaming.

As part of their strategy, both the operators are going to focus on gaming and gradually monetize their subscriber base.

According to Bank of America analysts, both the operators are looking to collaborate with gaming companies rather than making their own games.

Analysts feel that Jio is planning well strategy for gaming where Airtel is exploring a few more areas.
Of the three gaming hubs sectors casual, real money, and console gaming, Jio is mostly focusing on casual and set-top boxes while Airtel is more on fantasy sports currently.

They feel that both the telcos are expanding their fixed broadband in a couple of years by releasing 5G services.
Over time with better broadband speeds by leveraging artificial and virtual reality, they would be well placed to monetize subscribe base.

Even 5G would also allow them to focus on high bandwidth allowing cloud games.
While this may not appeal to the subscribed base, the target audience would likely be the high average revenue per user paying high-end users.

As per the KPMG report on business fantasy sports, the gaming sectors watch the right trajectory in usage and engagement.

Monetization has seen an improvement in the gaming business in the two previous years.
The market has also become fragmented with more than 140 platforms wherein India is pretty much sync with what is offered globally.

Written By-Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google