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Kerala spearheads Corona prevention

Kerala spearheads Corona prevention

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By Ishani Panda

In a noteworthy development to control the spike in the coronavirus infections, the Kerala government has made it an absolute necessity for individuals to follow COVID-19 safety rules for a year in an amendment brought to the Epidemic Diseases Act.

Wearing masks or covering the face in the open and social distancing are among the guidelines which have been made mandatory.

Five months after it started constantly chasing the novel coronavirus, the state’s public healthcare system is so wound up that it presently risks snapping as new cases flood.

It comes when other transferable maladies, for example, dengue and leptospirosis, regularly during the monsoon, are spreading in certain areas.

The state additionally has a high rate of diabetes, malignant growth, and another way of life illnesses that regularly transform a Covid-19 disease into a deadly torment.

Kerala was the first state in the nation to report Covid-19 cases. It has 5,204 coronavirus diseases, including 2,131 compelling cases and 25 passings, according to the Union wellbeing service dashboard at 8 AM on Sunday.

Below are among the new guidelines of Kerala Epidemic Diseases Ordinance, 2020 notified by the government.

1) Everyone should wear a face mask or face cover in public places. Wearing a mask in the working environment is additionally an unquestionable requirement.

2) Strict maintenance of social distancing at open spots is important to curb the infection spread.

3) A limit of 50 individuals allowed for marriage festivities in Kerala. All people in such functions will utilize sanitizer, wear a face mask, and keep a social separation of six feet between them. The coordinators of the marriage function will provide sanitizers to all the participants.

4) For the funeral of non-COVID-19 patients, up to 20 individuals will be allowed. For deaths identified with coronavirus infection, the standing guidelines issued by the central government and state government will be agreed upon.

5) For any sort of social gathering — get together, parades, dharna, gathering, exhibition — the written permission from the local authority will be required. The maximum members in such social gatherings will not surpass ten people. Face cover and social distancing standards must be carefully followed in any get-together.

6) Spitting in public places will be strictly prohibited. And Rs 10,000 will be fined for not wearing masks in public places.

7) Those who are coming to Kerala from different states or nations for travelling need to enrol themselves by means of the Kerala government’s Jagratha e-stage. In any case, a pass is required for inter-state travel. The point is to bring down the spread of the infection in the state by better contact tracing and ensuring quarantine norms.

8) Up to 20 individuals will be permitted inside a shop or any commercial establishment across the state to keep up social-distancing standards. The retailer must provide sanitizers to customers.

9) The regular operation of inter-state stage carriage road transport from and to Kerala by public and private sectors shall remain suspended, the state health department said today.

10) People who negate the guidelines will be culpable under the Kerala Epidemic Diseases Ordinance arrangements in 2020.

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