Let the sparks fly – “Insider’s view on Christiano Ronaldo’s Love Life”

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The move of Cristiano was set very quickly by his coach. The athlete became not just the first Portuguese player for the Red Devils but also the most costly youth player transfer in English team history. This was the start of CR7’s heyday.Although many claim that both were connected, no one claims that Cristiano Ronaldo and Karina Ferro had an official relationship. Beautiful Portuguese beauty Karina Ferro first met Cristiano while he was relatively unknown.Apparently, a Portuguese model who had moved to the United States in 2008 and was still only 23 years old would have won the soccer star’s heart. At only 18 years old, she would be Mia Judaken. Mia has earned recognition for her covert musical career in which she has successfully blended rhythms from Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

After breaking up with Merche Romero in 2006, Ronaldo’s subsequent relationship with Indian-born actress Bipasha Basu was publicly acknowledged. Both attended the same social gathering where they both happened to be presenters, and the spark of passion was lit right away.Although the actress was reportedly caught making out with Cristiano backstage at the event they were both supporting, it should be noted that she was dating another actor at the time.

Maria and Cristiano connected through their love of sports. They struck up a beautiful friendship right away, which the media quickly started to portray as a potential love affair.Both were frequently seen courting, however it is unclear if there was a romance between them. Cristiano and Maria are acquainted with one another now, and none of them has refuted or verified the reports about their purported romance. Could it be that something was present?


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