Millets Conclave 2023, NABARD business line

According to Nabard Chairman, millets production will increase by 2030


According to the ICAR Chief, there are issues that need to be resolved on the scientific, economic, and policy fronts.Shaji KV, Chairman, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard), set the tone for the future of millets in the International Year of Millets by stating that the goal is to treble their output to 45 million tonnes by 2030 and that it is feasible to achieve.
He stated, “We are attempting to restore the area under millets, which has diminished.

Speaking at the Nabard-Businessline Millets Conclave 2023 on Friday, he said India produces 41% of the world’s millets. It makes up 81% of the Asiatic arable land planted with millets. “Millets are essential to ensuring the nation’s nutritional security… We are considering sustainability now that food security is not a top priority. Millets are effective at fixing carbon, require less water, and can withstand high temperatures, according to the expert. “It’s time to restart millets cultivation because the millets crop lasts 60% shorter time than other cereals, which reduces farmer risk.

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