In Conversation with Eminent Author of ,The Confused Mind and What God Taught me in 2021 – Nivedita Dang

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Nivedita Dang is from the Indian city of Ranchi. She earned her master’s degrees in zoology from Ranchi University in Ranchi and in journalism and mass communication from Birla Global University in Bhubaneswar. Besides being a writer, she is also a song writer and composer with a Youtube channel named “Worship Warriors.” She has bagged several national and international awards for her work in writing. She is a prestigious member of the Indian Women’s History Museum (IWHM). She also is a proud goodwill ambassador of Prithvi Women HerStory Times’ Climate Warrior and Official member of The Inspiring Women Community (TIWC). She is UGC NET qualified in Journalism and Mass communication and intends to pursue a PhD in the future.


Let us know more about her writing career.

Q1) When did you recognize your calling as an author. Tell us about your initial writing attempts .

  • From my school days I guess, when I was in standard V. I always knew when I grow up, I want to write books. I used to scribble poetries in the school when I was a kid. My friends hardly used to get my poems. Ha Ha! I was a serious writer then like today! I always used to write about life, purpose, hope, light within in my childhood as well. I actually wanted to write a biography on my father about his journey. But as I grew up, I found my real passion for writing dwelt in writings that inspired others and sharing my journey, wisdom and life lessons. I feel there is something very special about self helps.


Q2) You have recently won Glorious Indi Awards 2022 and 100 India Icon Awards 2022. What is your view on this topic ?

  • Oh yes! It feels so great to win the awards. I think that’s the favourite part of my profession. You get awards, you get appreciation and recognition for writing a masterpiece. Masterpiece because only you can create yours, nobody else can do it for you. It takes a whole lot to just pour out everything you have inside into the pages and it deserves to be appreciated.


Q3)Nowadays the younger generation is more intrigued towards OTT Platforms than reading books .What are your views on this topic ?


  • The world is in rush now a days. People want everything instant; instant coffee, instant food, instant knowledge, instant entertainment. There is so much rush. OTT is a very big industry and in few episodes the climax happens. As it is an audio-visual media, it intrigues youth more and it is understandable. But nothing can beat the authenticity of hardcore paperbacks. The touch, the feel, the smell, the knowledge, the revelation, the me time that books give is just incomparable. It is precious and needs to be passed on to next generation!


Q4) How did you decide on the Plot “The Confused Mind ” by Bluerose Publishers ?

  • I was working as an Assistant Professor in a college that time and due to COVID we had online classes. In the morning classes would get over and I would be left with a great amount of time getting bored. I used it to think about the story. I am a kind of person who needs her space and takes time to think and analyse. So, I took that opportunity of analysing to think about the book. First and foremost, I finalised the genre, literary fiction and then the conclusion or moral lesson which is overcoming a challenge and coming out victorious. I love stories of overcomers. I wanted to leave the readers with the end that could bring smile on their faces after reading a serious fiction that deals with mental health and struggles of self- doubt. It made it easier to decide further on characters, story, plot twists and everything that you would find inside the book. It is story of a woman Shreya and her difficulties, her challenges and her ultimate win from the battle within.


Q5) “What God Taught me ” is also a famous book of yours ? What inspired you to take up such topics .

  • It is a very special book. It is a non- fiction. A short testimonial of my life when I was finding it difficult to understand that what was going on. There are some situations which however hard you try to figure out but it never gets solved. These circumstances drain you emotionally and mentally and eats up your energy. But ultimately, these things are meant to be. These things come to teach you life lessons, to make you mature, to teach you that everything will work as it has to if God is with you. This book is close to my heart.


Q6) You also have a keen interest to pursue your higher education , tell us what research topics are you most inclined to ?

  • After qualifying NET, I feel it is important to complete the purpose of this valuable qualification almighty has bestowed upon me. So yes, I would definitely like to pursue PhD. I have some topics in my mind. Whatever topic I choose it will definitely revolve around mental health and its relation with different media of communication. Also, perceptions and behaviours of people with the evolving media.

Q7) Finally, give the young authors an advice on pursuing their writing career.

  • I would say, go for it guys. Don’t think about your weaknesses or shortcomings. I also used to think a lot about my vocabulary, my grammar, are my ideas good enough and all of the negative and de-heartening questions you could think of. Everyone goes through that. But one thing is very important to understand, that it is your journey. It’s about your dreams, your ideas, your actions and your hard work off course. If you don’t do it, no one will for you. Start writing, make mistakes, learn, rectify. You will evolve in the process. Something great is waiting for you on the other side of the drill. You just need to take the first step.

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