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Nayagarh Pari Murder Case: Child Pornography Escalating In India


Five-year-old Nayagarh minor girl who was murdered and raped has turned the whole state into a wildfire. Recently Special Investigation Team (SIT) arrested an 18-year-old in the case, and Senior IPS officer Arun Bothra mentioned the details how the whole incident occurred. The prime accuse – Saroj Sethi was addicted to child pornography that provoked him and led him to the committee such gruesome crime.

Consumption of child pornography is not something new which the state is witnessing for the first time. In fact, the addiction to child pornography in India is higher than compared to others. A recent report showed that during this lockdown, the sign of consumptions of child pornography was much higher than the regular times. According to the reports of an NGO – India Child Protection Fund (ICPE), the consumption of child pornography content in India spiked by 95 per cent during the lockdown.  The online data monitoring websites showed that people had searched terms like ‘Sexy child’ and ‘Teen Sex Videos’ in the pornography website- Pornhub.

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This huge spike then leads to the increase of child pornography addicts which later leads to child rapists. India is a country where people think twice before talking about ‘Sex’ in front of the children or even educating them regarding sex education, is the same place where people gets free porn in just one click. The lack of proper sex education then leads people to commit crimes and even unaware of future consequence.

As per ‘The Indian Express’ report, a 30-year-old man living in Mumbai was arrested for allegedly exploiting children by selling their sexually explicit images where he had contacted over 1000 persons as part of the alleged racket. These children are from foreign countries that include the US, Europe and South Asia.

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In fact, Odisha also witnesses the consumption of child pornography. In 2018 the state was at the top, and in 2019 the cases were at high of 63 per cent. In 2017 Odisha registered around eight cases of such events.

Even Odisha also figured among the dubious top-10 states in India in registering rapes under the POCSO Act. As per the reports in 2018 the numbers of victims had also risen to 1505 and 1431 in 2018, and the state figured at the seventh place in the country. The National Crime Records Bureau also presented a report where it showed how Odisha is prone to the bad social environment for a girl child.

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In fact, the intake of drugs and alcohol is also the key reason behind the rise in child pornography and rapes. Lack of education, poverty, anti-social mindset, no counselling is some of the other reasons leading to such crimes. 

Recently the government notified the protection of Children from Sexual Offences Rules 2020, which facilitates the implementation of recent amendments to the act, making punishments provisions more poignant.  The rules stipulate that the State Government must form a child protection policy established on the principle of zero-tolerance of violence against children which shall be affirmed by all institutions, organizations or any other agency working with children.

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But despite all the laws and act every year, India witnessed a tremendous case of crimes and rape, which include child rape cases as well. According to the SC judgements and various committees on children to stop the crime against the children, police and State Children Commissions need to conduct classes or sessions regarding children’s safety tips. Also, parents need to teach their kids the difference between the good and bad touch for them.

The Nayaharh incident which was occurred a few months ago is still in the process where people have a lot of agitation of the late processing of the case, and the authorities took so long to find out the real culprit.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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