Odisha Tourism exploding at its best: HRAO TOURISM CONCLAVE 2023



Odisha is the starting point of one of India’s most important tourist routes.

There are many opportunities, whether they come from the beaches, temples, buildings, handicrafts, handlooms, mangrove forests, animals, sand art, silver filigree, Chilika Lagoon, the largest lake in the Northern Hemisphere, or the various tribes that attract tourists from outside.

But in addition to all of this, additional problems that Odisha has with boosting tourism were highlighted during the HARO conference, along with solutions.

Tuesday, February 23, in Swsoti Premium, the conclave on tourism was held.

Distinguished guests included Hon’ble Sri Sujeet Kumar, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Respected Sri Surendra Kumar, Addl. Chief Secretary Tourism, Government of Odisha, Hockey India President Sri Dilip Tirkey, Hon’ble Sri Rajiv Mehra, President Indian Association of Tour Operators, Hon’ble Sri Puneet Chhatwal, MD Taj Group of Hotels, and President, Hotel Association

At a time when the country is booming with domestic tourism in the wake of the Pandemic, the HRAO has taken the initiative to organise this Tourism Conclave to boost the tourist business, which may benefit our economy.

Due to its natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, beaches, landmarks, handlooms, and handicrafts, which attract many domestic and foreign tourists all year long, Odisha is a state with a lot of promise for tourism. But, when comparing the domestic tourist industry to that of our neighbouring states, we fall well short of the top 10 states.

Odisha deserves more recognition on the country’s travel map, and it’s past time. Experts from a variety of fields, including airlines, tour operators, ecotourism, branding, promoting tourism as a product, and emphasising the benefits and possibilities for increasing visitor numbers in the state, were addressed at this conference today.

The connectivity issue was brought up first, and they spoke about ways to enhance domestic aircraft connections to states and places without access.

They also spoke on ways to advertise Odisha as a tourist destination abroad. The absence of high-quality hotels, inadequate connection, traveller safety, and pollution were all addressed as challenges this business faces. Also, it was said that employing social media platforms and influencers to promote tourism would help reach a wider audience.

The delegates discussed how to use social media platforms to advertise travel to Odisha by sharing photos and information that few locals in Odisha are even aware of. To change this, the government has been actively promoting Odisha on blogs, social media, and in advertisements. Several roadshows displaying the rich culture and heritage of Odisha are also held in order to draw in outside tourists.

They also said how the government had sanctioned a sizeable amount for the construction and introduction of swimming pools, stadiums, indoor stadiums, and many other facilities to concurrently boost sports and tourism. The delegates also discussed publicising and informing residents and visitors about different wildlife hotspots. Increasing employment in the services sector, fostering general development, and making tourism the main driver of the economy of the country would all result from supporting the tourist and hospitality sectors. Employment growth may also be aided by tourism.

In order to attract tourists from across the globe to this region, they also proposed developing Deomali, which would help to increase tourism, as well as Konark, Bhitarkanika, and other areas.

The most exciting thing they have spoken about is how to create a beautiful place that can be visited in less than three hours, allowing people to spend their weekends there while it also serves as a major tourist destination.  They are focusing on promoting weekend travel because of this. The Belgadia Palace’s Princess Mrinalika Bhanjdeo MD also discussed the marketing campaigns and activities she is doing to publicise Mayurbhanj and make it into a tourist destination.

They also spoke about the festivals and other events they want to plan to promote tourism. There were several efforts and advancements in skilled labour and infrastructure that were presented. There will be more hotels and tourism destinations in the future.

Most significantly, they spoke about the security that would be offered to tourists and how to deal with the cyber security problem that many people have when booking travel, lodging, and other services.

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