Olive Ridley turtles begin nesting in Astaranga along Odisha coast

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Olive Ridley turtles have begun laying eggs along the coast in Puri district.  As per reports, the Olive Ridley turtles arrived at Daluakani in Astaranga of Puri district and began nesting. As many as 135 eggs were collected from one turtle by the forest department officials.

The eggs were moved from the pit to a temporary breeding centre.

“Olive Ridley turtles have laid eggs for the first time in Astaranga. We hope more turtles will arrive here to lay eggs. At first, 135 eggs have been collected from one turtle and we are keeping an eye to ensure safety,” said Uttam Gadnayak, ACF, Puri.

To ensure the safe hatching of the turtle eggs, the Puri Forest department has set up 10 temporary breeding centres at different places.

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