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Peeling Masks of Rumours

Peeling Masks of Rumours

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Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson of COVID-19

The indefatigable Subroto Bagchi(Peeling Masks of Rumours) yet again proved to be Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s first choice when it came to tackling a crisis of colossal magnitude. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has sent shockwaves across the world with over 100 countries in the grip of a contagion that spread like a wildfire from China, the country of its origin.

With Odisha detecting one positive case of the now most dreaded disease, the state government needed an exemplary crisis manager cum trouble-shooter who could calm the frayed nerves with positive vibes.

And, who better for this exacting job than Mr. Bagchi? A first-rate entrepreneur who founded and took MindTree Consulting to dizzying heights and proved to be the saving grace for the besieged IT company when it faced a hostile takeover bid from L&T, Bagchi has shown his trademark resilience when the occasion demanded.

The cliché goes- When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And, it could not be more befitting for a person of Bagchi’s stature. He(Peeling Masks of Rumours) was handpicked by the state Chief Minister for heading the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA).

It was a novel attempt by Odisha to upskill millions of its youths when the rest of the country was dogged by unemployment. Roping in Bagchi(Peeling Masks of Rumours) to helm the body has delivered astounding outcomes.

We get to hear of more and more startling success stories of youths bagging jobs across vocations. Such is the magic of Bagchi’s Midas Touch that Odisha is now earnestly aspiring to be the country’s ‘Skill Capital’.

Presently, Bagchi(Peeling Masks of Rumours) heads the state government’s IEC (Information, Education & Communication) team to disseminate awareness and updates on the Coronavirus.

And, to systematically quell the swirling rumors that trigger unwarranted panic on the virus. Bagchi realizes this is a grueling job.

Day in and day out, he(Peeling Masks of Rumours) has to face the prying media, brief them and brace up to face their probing questions. But he has never let the team or the government crumble under the weight of swelling expectations.

One could see a calm and collected Bagchi feeding details of the coronavirus and comporting himself with elan before the curious press.

Not for him the touch of the cocky entrepreneur or frigid stand of a bureaucrat. He(Peeling Masks of Rumours) remains humble and unassuming, distilling the essence of developments on COVID-19.

Addressing a regular press briefing at Geeta Govinda Sadan here this evening, Bagchi outlined about the preparedness and awareness measures taken up by the state government to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Bagchi said: “The State Government has issued an advisory on religious institutions yesterday. The District Administration of Puri has issued directions restricting access of the general public to Sri Jagannath Temple from tomorrow till 1st April.”

“The State Government, after careful consideration has directed the District Magistrates to enforce similar restrictions in all religious places i.e. temples, mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras, etc. from 20th March to 31st March,” he said adding that essential rituals may continue without any dislocation.

Informing about the sample testing, he said so far, cumulatively 61 samples tested, 60 negative and 1 positive case was found.  Yesterday 5 samples were tested and all were negative.

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