People’s Thoughts and Imaginative Fantasy – A book very close to the heart of young readers

Interview with Ashmita Chakraborty

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) Tell us when did you realize your calling as an author ? What was your first experience like

Ans. I was 15th, the day I still remembered it was October 26th . one of my friend calls me and says “see yours book came out” And the next day, someone texts me and says you are author ashmita ? I was surprised by seeing author. At first I didn’t believed later my friends found my name in a google and they sends screenshots & when unknown persons texts me by saying I’m yours fan. It was a great feelings ,after a lot of hardwork & sacrifices when it got to see the loves from unknown persons it surprisingly makes you feels the happy .

Q2) How did you think of the plot of the book – People’s Thoughts and Imaginative Fantasy.

Ans. In my case, i don’t think too much but I put my imagination and few thoughts on the stories to makes them turn into a wonderful chapters. My first book people’s thought’s is half related to me . when i was turned to 14th. By hearing these from peoples “You can’t achieve anything, you can’t do ” it makes more depressed as well as ,I was over thinker at the same time & if I want to share my thoughts to anyone of my people they don’t take it seriously .So, The painful words I wrote it to my diary & later Its became one of the chapters of my people’s thoughts book. Second book “Imaginative Fantasy ” is an imagination love story , true love Never forgets but the love ends with sacrifices & sometimes happiness . My plot of my both books are based on my thoughts, My imagination & life lessons.

Q3) ” People are what they think ” .What is your thought behind this quote ?

Ans. I think , People will think and say many words or sentences, and if we care those words then it will hurts back to us . So , what you think its matter the most.

Q4) As an author , what are some of the tips that you want to give to the authors of new generation on writing .

Ans. Read every story books , try to understands the each an every single lines of the sentences and try to practices writing on its your own for half an hour in a whole day .It can be short stories ,poems, novel etc.It also developed yours writing skills and you will get to know more unknown facts.

Q5) There is a lot of hard work that goes in the process of authoring a book .Tell us how was your experience and how did you manage everything smoothly ?

Ans. It was a great experiences and get to know more unknown lessons which is important for Every person in a life . Though it was not So, easy for me to be an author . No-one knows about the writing profession in my families and I chooses the path of writing So, its a life changing experiences and I will never forget this in my whole life journey . Managing everything is little bit hard for me as I am a students of class 11th . In my family everyone is highly educated and i always Heard from my elders that “Studies is more important then others professions” and its totally true .But its also important that what I dreamt and what I want to be , and what I make my aim and how is to achieve ?For this, everyday Writing is important and to be highly educated So, I always takes my study as a first priority and then writing. I loved to sing , I even learnt singing but due to tonsil problem I leave it. I have a timetable and a planning routine . But planning things doesn’t worked till you set it in yours mind .

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