Picturesque view of train running through Jammu and Kashmir takes over the Internet

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The Railway Ministery has shared a number of images of trains and stations covered in snow and framed in the picturesque Himalayan mountains, capturing the attention of online users. Netizens frequently responded, “Heaven on Earth,” as they praised the splendour of nature and compared the images to those of the Swiss Alps because the background of the train and the snow-covered hills was blurry. As the northern parts of India struggle with below-freezing temperatures, regions like Kashmir have become gorgeous due to the accumulation of snow. A locomotive travelling through the countryside creates a captivating effect.

Srinagar’s breathtaking sights, especially in the winter, make one think of picturesque Switzerland. A captivating video captured the attention of internet users last year, even making South African cricket commentator Jonty Rhodes yearn for a train ride. It was reported by Union Minister Piyush Goyal that there were apple orchards close to the Banihal train station.

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