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Ramdev courts controversies with Corona cure kit

Ramdev courts controversies with Corona cure kit
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By – Yogita Malhotra

Yoga Guru Ramdev recently launched an Ayurvedic based medicine Corona Kit ‘Coronil with some complementary oils’, claiming that it showed a hundred per cent results during clinical trials on COVID-19 infected patients.

Their broad-brush strategy broke out a controversy between the company and the Ministry of AYUSH as the company had not revealed any details from their claimed remedy

As Patanjali Ayurved tweeted, “Launch of first and foremost evidence-based ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19” on Tuesday.

They were asked promptly by the Ministry of AYUSH and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to pause advertising until the efficacy of the medicine is examined properly.

Yoga Guru Ramdev affirmed, 280 patients were tested, out of which 69 per cent of the patients have been able to combat the virus in only three days, 100 per cent patients in 7 days with 0 per cent death rate.

According to the sources, the newly-invented medicine claims to be prescribed for adults ranging from 15-80 years, while children are advised to take half dosage of it. Guru Ramdev also added that the Corona kit also strengthens the respiratory system and boosts the immune system.

Moreover, it is passable for using both prevention and cure. According to information on the clinical trial website, the medicine regime involved is the Tablet Swasari Ras (500 mg),

Tablet Pure Ashwagandha Extract (500 mg), Tablet Pure Giloy Extract (500 mg), Tablet Pure Tulsi Extract (500 mg) and Anu Taila (nasal drop).

However, today, issuing a statement, Patanjali CEO Acharya Balkrishna has declared, the communication gap has been done away with, and Patanjali has fulfilled the parameters for Randomised Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials.

Nevertheless, he has been greatly targeted on social media platforms, and if the company fails to prove their platitudes, they will be paid a heavy price for the criticism which may result in the cancellation of their licences.

However, in the current scenario, More than 4.4 lakh people have been affected by the novel coronavirus so far, the country is in dire need of a saviour to alter the course of the pandemic.

After the analysis of data and evidence, the final call will be made soon by the concerned authorities

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