Rhinoceros gets hit by Truck – Kaziranga National Park Assam


An ongoing worry is the loss of wildlife in traffic accidents brought on by infrastructure expansion and development initiatives. A rhinoceros was struck by a truck after unexpectedly crossing the roadway, according to CCTV footage supplied by Himanta Biswa Sarma. On Interstate 37, the incident happened.

The chief minister tweeted, “Rhinos are our particular buddies; we’ll not tolerate any intrusion on their space.” “The Rhino survived this tragic occurrence at Haldibari; the car was stopped and fined. Meanwhile, we’re constructing a unique 32-km elevated corridor as part of our commitment to saving the wildlife in Kaziranga.

In the video, the vehicle tries to avoid hitting the rhino by suddenly changing lanes, but is unsuccessful in doing so. After being struck by the truck, the rhino attempts to get off the road by standing up, but it falls again. The rhino leaves the road on its second attempt while clearly injured. According to the most recent census, which was published in March of this year, the number of one-horned rhinos in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR) has climbed by 200 during the past four years. The greatest population of one-horned rhinos is found in KNPTR, where there are 2613 of them.

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