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Saving Incarnations of God

Problems tell us how much humanity is left in humans. We are surely lagging behind in terms of technology but no one can match the level that we have achieved in serving people.

Eighteen individuals, including the two pilots, kicked the bucket when the Air India Express Boeing 737-800 aeroplane crashed on Friday at 7:41 PM while attempting to land at the Calicut International air terminal. 184 travellers – 174 grown-ups and 10 youngsters – were ready at the hour of a mishap. Four youngsters were among the individuals who kicked the bucket.

Six grownups, who endured the plane accident in Kerala on Friday, were rushed to Kozhikode’s Baby Memorial Hospital and a few local people – some  out of the rescue groups – assisted in distinguishing their families.

 Of the six youngsters, who are between the age of 2 and 11 years, three were provided basic care. “Commendable job is done by local people… they took care of every one of these kids like their own. None of the youngsters had the option to determine what is their name or their folks’ name…as they didn’t have passports, NDTV reported.

“It was at first next to impossible for us as every one of these youngsters were run to the medical clinic by the rescue groups and not the families. We had a bunch of local people engaged with following their relatives. Volunteers shared their photographs on WhatsApp, Facebook groups and inside three-four hours, we had the full list of their families,  Dr Ajay, pediatric doctor, Baby Memorial Hospital.

Two kids conceded here realize they have lost their family members. While one kid has lost a kin, another has lost a parent. Every one of those conceded are bit by bit traumatized. It becomes simpler when the family is around at such a period.

Yesterday, Kerala’s Health Minister KK Shailaja urged all those involved in rescue efforts, including locals, to “self-quarantine as safety concern”, adding that all the people will be tested for Covid-19.

“I must admire the local administration and volunteers at the airport, they did a stupendous job during the rescue operations,” she added.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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