Second day of Panchuka: Lord Jagannath to give darshan in Bankachuda Besha today

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Devotees have thronged to Jagannath temple on Saturday to see the holy trinity in Banakachuda besha on the second day of the Panchuka. Akrura got to see Lord Sri Krishna in this Banakachuda besha in Bajra danda when he came to pick up Sri Krishna and Balaram to Mathura.

In this besha, the holy trinity was adorned in gold ornaments and chuda. As the Chuda or Chula leans towards the south side, this besha is called Bankachuda. This besha will be held after Lord Jagannath’s Abakasha ritual.

However, it is believed that whoever sees this attractive appearance of the Lord today will be freed from the sins of their entire life and they will get immense joy. Lord Jagannath will be seen in Tribikram besha tomorrow.


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