Social Media – A boon or bane ?

In conversation with Author Rohit Shetty

by Subhechcha Ganguly

According to a survey by a regional daily the increase in people using social media has increased drastically in the past year .In 2022 ,the average a person used to spend on social media was 3 hours a day .Now 70% of the population uses social media upto 7 hours a day .Let’s talk to Author Rohit Shetty on the topic “Social Media – A boon or bane ?”

Q1) Do you feel small children getting addicted to phones nowadays are causing a harm to them ?

Addiction in any form is a matter of great concern irrespective of whatever the age it might be.I still remember when I was in my teens we were told not to watch Telivision for a long time and get hooked to books and think about our career.Technology changes with time and we have to get used to it.What is more important for children today is their emotional well-being and their upbringing.The parents should motivate and see to it that their children have fun and at the same time do their daily chores and maintain a balance between using phones and doing their daily activities.

Q2) We see a very common phenomenon nowadays. Even when we are sitting in a room with 5-6 people , almost everyone is into their phones ! What do you think has caused this habit?

I still remember that it’s almost been a decade since Facebook and WhatsApp made an impact in our daily lives.With the invention of Android phones everything is in your fingertips.You don’t need to go to a bank frequently in this digital age.You can easily purchase your groceries and other stuffs online.A lot many apps can be downloaded from playstore.Google gives us all the answers.If all the things you require you get by the click of a thumb it’s a boon.Its like asking to a genie whatever you need.One instance which I would like to recollect that with the invention of Facebook and WhatsApp in an interview someone said that social media is like a ‘nukkad’ where all the friends would assemble at one place and talk about their daily lives and gossip.The same is relatable to this question.However we need to see that we must actually spend time with our family as well and sometimes need to maintain a distance from social media.

Q3) What according to you can be done by the youth to ensure proper usage of social media ?

In this digital and data driven age,the youth need to understand the importance of being productive.I wouldn’t deny the fact that one should not have fun.At the same time they should get engaged in creative skills which include reading books,painting,getting face to face conversations with friends,go for trekking,visit beaches and travelling.If we get a majority of our time to do co- curricular activities as well life would be adventurous and it would be fun.

Q4) Do you feel somewhere or the other parents are a factor who needs to be blamed for social media addiction ?

The fact is we can’t blame parents for social media addiction.Social media too has its pros and cons.If managed effectively it can actually be a boon.

Q5) “Several hobbies like reading books , outdoor activities can curb social media addiction to a limit “. How do you think youth can be inspired to take up such activities ?

Yes definitely.We need to promote the importance of getting engaged with hobbies like reading and writing.There are many who love to travel and explore various places in this world.If we make proper use of social media there are many positives from it.

Q6) Finally what is your take on this entire topic.

In life we need to maintain balance as to how we treat our time.We can’t blame technology for social media addiction The onus is on us.If used effectively it’s a boon,if not it is a bane.

-Rohit Shetty (Author)

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