Sulia Jatra – A festival in Odisha’s Balangir still continues the tradition of animal sacrifice


In order to celebrate Sulia Yatra, tribal people from the Deogaon block of Balangir’s Khairaguda and Kumuria villages sacrificed a large number of animals and birds on Tuesday.Thousands of people, according to reports, gathered at Sulia Pitha last night to make sacrifices at Bada Khala in Khairaguda and Sana Khala in Kumuria. Animal sacrifice was carried out on Tuesday morning after a parade and the “Nishi Puja” rite. A sizable parade of tribe members using traditional weapons culminated at the celebration location, where the top priest performed ceremonies before to offering the sacrifices.

An eyewitness reported that thousands of animals and birds, including cock, pigeon, fowl, goat, sheep, and buffalo calves, were sacrificed at Bada Khala and Nua Khala of Sulia Pitha. They hold that it is a gesture of thanksgiving to the deity and a repayment of the obligation following the fulfilment of their requests. “The local populace has a strong sense of faith and belief in the celebration. They dedicate a lot of time to celebrating it, according to a local resident.To maintain peace and order, adequate security measures were taken. To handle any unforeseen situation, up to five platoons of police, Home Guards, and ODRAF units have been stationed nearby.”In accordance with the Supreme Court’s directives, we are educating the public, and the festival is being commemorated with devotion and serenity. The animal that will be sacrificed is being covered up in accordance with the rules after discussion with the puja committee, according to the local tehsildar. A big water reservoir and a magnificent environment surround the open area known as Sulia Pitha.


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